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Corporate News
Development status of China's animation derivative toys
Release time:2021-07-05 10:39:25sentiment:

Although my country’s animation started relatively late, as a new industry, many cities in my country have vigorously supported them and established a number of animation industry bases. Although domestic animation is still mostly foreign animation derivatives toys, the rise of my country’s animation industry has allowed the rise of animation industry in the past two years. People have seen the dawn of domestic animation derivative toys.

Among China's 1.3 billion population, 400 million teenagers constitute a large consumer market for animation and its derivative products. The survey found that 80% of young people in my country have been exposed to animation products. Data shows that among the 14-23 year-olds in Shanghai, 90% of young people like cartoons, and 50% to 60% of them have been themselves in the past six months. I have bought magazines, videos, toys, clothing and accessories and other related products for my favorite cartoon images. Many domestic animations, such as Xiyangyang, Nezha, Ao Bing and other animation characters, are made into toys. Such animation derivative toys can be seen everywhere in toy stores.

However, it is relatively difficult for Chinese toy companies to develop domestic animation derivative toys. First, there are too few well-known animation IPs, and second, the design capabilities of derivative toys are insufficient. Therefore, many toy companies are beginning to plan the layout and build their own IP, which means that they must face a long time period to develop IP. From initial conceptual planning to mid-term design finalization, and finally a series of processes such as dissemination and realization, brand owners need to have enough patience. This time may be one or two years, three to five years, or even ten years.

However, some toy companies are also struggling to obtain foreign IP authorization. First, there are too many competitors and too strong, and second, the design ability of derivative toys is not up to the requirements.

From these status quo, it can be seen that animation derivative toys can indeed help toy companies have further profit growth, but how much they can increase depends on the toy companies’ ability to develop animation derivative toys. When toy companies feel a little struggling in this regard, they may wish to cooperate with professional toy design companies to explore more design possibilities.