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Dong Guan WISE-KID Plastic Products Mfg.Co.,Ltd

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Service Promise

Dong Guan WISE-KID Plastic Products Mfg.Co.,Ltd Service Commitment

In order to better create an honest and trustworthy business environment, jointly promote a credit system in the consumer sector, and establish an image of honest and law-abiding business, the company solemnly promises:

1. Operate in compliance with the law. Strictly abide by national laws and regulations, fulfill the legal obligations of operators, voluntarily abide by the corporate ethics of fairness, honesty and credibility, and never seek illegitimate interests by illegal means, and maintain a fair competition in the market economy order.

2. Strengthen the sense of integrity. Put the construction of honesty in the construction of enterprise spiritual civilization and corporate culture, improve the management of honesty, perfect the management system of enterprise's credit construction, and implement the idea of honesty management in the whole process of enterprise production and operation.

3. Enhance service quality. Establish the concept of consumers first, improve service levels, comply with service standards, and provide consumers with high-quality and standardized products and services

4. Safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. Do not make false or illegal advertisements, do not produce or sell fake or inferior products, actively resolve consumer disputes, and properly handle consumer demands in a timely manner.

5, assume social responsibility. Strengthen the awareness of social responsibility, actively participate in various social welfare activities, fulfill social responsibilities, and support consumer rights protection and social welfare undertakings.

6, accept social supervision. Observe the openness principle of market activities, and consciously accept the supervision of the government, industry organizations, the public, news and public opinion and consumers.