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Corporate News
Unlike traditional toys, how do trendy toys gain the favor of young people
Release time:2021-07-05 16:48:00sentiment:

With the development and progress of the times, toys are no longer exclusive to children. The ever-evolving lifestyle has allowed toys to break through the age limit. Young people have gradually occupied the main consumer market, and diversified consumer needs have also created a variety of products. The production. Trendy toys can be described as a kind of consumer goods born specifically for young people. That trendy toy is different from other

1. Consumption philosophy guides consumption mode

In the eyes of the post-90s and post-00 generation consumer groups, trendy toys have no fixed shape. They may be a pouting or a statue of a soldier, or just a novel and peculiar doll. The trendy toy has an ever-changing image. The gameplay is special. But for this group of young consumers, trendy toys are not a simple plaything, but a sustenance of emotion and a carrier of personality presentation.

In the fast-paced and fragmented era, this generation of young people bears the pressure of life and work. They have good spending power and material conditions, and are willing to pay for their more spiritual consumption. The difference between trendy toys and traditional toys is that they pay more attention to appearance design instead of actual function. The designer or artist only needs to express the artistic image in his mind. The design concept of trendy toys is a perfect fit for the young people's consumption concept of "buy as I like", so that they can be so popular in the Chinese market.