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Industry News
The use of materials affects the appearance of the product design
Release time:2021-07-05 16:49:00sentiment:

Different materials give people different tactile sensations, associations, psychological feelings and aesthetic appeals, such as the magnificence of gold, the nobility of silver, the simplicity of steel, the elegance and lightness of zinc, the lightness and nature of wood, and the clarity and brilliance of glass. Different age groups also have a preference for materials. For example, people over the middle age do not like too much glass material, which gives it a feeling of being too hard and uncomfortable. Compared with men, women have a harsh feeling for industrial materials such as glass, steel, and rubber. A sense of incompatibility, and men are more accepting of industrial materials.

The beauty of the material is related to the composition, nature, surface structure and use state of the material itself. Each material has its own individual characteristics and is suitable for processing and application of different properties. Understanding the properties of materials and flexibly applying them to product design companies is the basic guarantee for the realization of product functions. For example, if you choose to use wooden laminates for the TV casing, it will generally be made into a square shape due to the material characteristics and processing technology. However, if you choose to use engineering plastics, it is easy to use injection molding. The shape of the surface.