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Industry News
List of key points of plastic toy production, R&D and quality control technology
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Whether you are a toy designer or a toy company, if you want to be truly professional in the toy industry, in addition to timely market-related trends, you must also pay attention to the basic design knowledge of toys, such as the production, research and development and quality control of plastic toys.

1. Introduction to the production process

Generally speaking, the production process of plastic toys is roughly as follows: separate molding of injection molded parts and vinyl parts, separate molding of hardware and PCB parts, and other decorative parts of clothing, and finally assembly, inspection, packaging and storage.

Injection molding: prepare the mold, pellets, masterbatch, stabilizer, plasticizer, mold release agent, etc., and usually add the nozzle material for the broken injection molded product. The addition ratio of the nozzle material has a greater impact on the quality. Generally, for companies with good quality control, the proportion of nozzle materials added should be controlled at no more than 30%. After preparation, in addition to PP PS which is not easy to absorb water, it is necessary to bake the ingredients, especially for some easily absorbent materials such as PA, ABS, PMMA, etc., it is very important to dry the moisture to less than 0.5% or 0.3%. After adjusting the temperature and pressure of the injection molding machine and other parameters, injection molding can be performed. After cooling and demolding, remove the nozzle, and the product can be taken off the line after passing the inspection. The unqualified product and nozzle material are crushed, and they are mixed with the new material and waiting for the next batch of injection molding.

Vinyl molding: The material used is generally PVC glue instead of various plastic pellets. The toner is also mixed into a color paste and mixed with PVC glue. Use clay molds as molds, and finally make production molds. After the glue is injected into the mold with a glue gun, it is heated in a heating furnace. Generally, there are two plates in one furnace, about a dozen. The temperature is usually about 260°, and the time is generally about 10 minutes. Take it out after molding.