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Website announcement
Analysis of the three major toy design trends in 2021
Release time:2021-07-05 16:52:00sentiment:

1. Combination of toys and games

In a historic year when the entire world was closed, families rediscovered the joy of spending time together and discovered the value of bringing games into daily life in 2020-a trend that will certainly continue in 2021. Families will look for new toys to promote unity and inclusive toys that children of all abilities and interests can enjoy. This trend includes educational toys and activities that families can use to help children learn new skills and subjects.

2. The adult trend of toys

Trends have contributed to the growing trend of "children", and more and more adults are turning to toys to bring some joy and ease to their lives. Toys and games have proven to be a way for adults to escape reality and provide a way to reconnect with their inner child. This trend includes games driven by adult topics, social media trends, and other fashions; collectibles and construction toys that attract hardcore fans, and invite casual fans to join a broad fan circle.